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Consultation and Design

Your packaging challenge is unique to your company and your product. We offer consultation and designs that are tailored to what you’re looking for with your project.

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We use the following technology and software:

Our Design Process


Our analysis starts with your goals and objectives, product requirements, production environment, distribution environment, ergonomics, customer and end-user requirements. Once we have this information, we are able to design to your specific needs.

Concepts and Samples.

We model and prototype designs to get a feel for the end result.

We use several pieces of software and equipment during this step, including:

Preliminary Customer Approval and Preliminary Costing.

We believe in transparency. We offer our customers the opportunity to have preliminary approval on costs and designs.

Testing Services.

If it’s needed, we offer in-house ISTA-certified distribution testing services, including the following:

Final Customer Approval.

You’ll always have final approval before we continue into production.